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In 2016, UEFISCDI launched BrainMap, the online platform that reunited Romanian and foreign experts, in order to facilitate and simplify the evaluation process of the research projects UEFISCDI is financing. Also, its usability extended to selecting members for research and higher education consulting committees. The initiative received such a positive feedback, that a new idea had sprung out, namely the necessity to boost and refresh the platform, in terms of its functions, structure and design.

Hence, we have started a vast process of developing BrainMap so that it would not only serve as an evaluation instrument for projects applying for funding, but that it would help create a community for the actors involved in research, innovation and entrepreneurial activities.

With that idea in mind, we have transformed BrainMap into one single entry gate to the human resource related to research and innovation, but also to reliable and relevant information on the above mentioned areas, such as publications, patents, projects, calls, institutions, specific expertise and skills, research infrastructures, among many others, easily filtered according to the users’ needs and interests.

BrainMap is a dynamic platform, constantly updated and improved based on the feedback we receive and on the community’s demands.

BrainMap is developed by the Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI), a public institution with legal personality under the subordination of the Ministry of National Education (MEN), with responsibilities in higher education, scientific research, development and innovation.

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